We’re moving!

  In September of 1997 Eye Doctors of Lancaster opened the doors of their 140 North Pointe Boulevard location and began serving the community in eye care excellence. Now, 19 years later, we are excited to announce that starting on October 3rd 2016, we will once... read more

Mission Trip Statement

Vision is a gift from God.  I can’t imagine performing even one simple task in my daily routine without my sight, and yet, sight is a gift that I so often take for granted. During just the first hour awake on a typical weekday—to look at the clock, choose clothes that... read more
New Building Coming Soon!

New Building Coming Soon!

Eye Doctors Of Lancaster has resided at 140 North Pointe Blvd for almost twenty years.  After much discussion regarding remodeling, upgrades, fresh décor, the partners, Dr. Ted Jones and Dr. Steve Donnelly, decided it was time to add a fresh presence of Eye Doctors of... read more