Dear Valued Patient,

We are grateful that you have chosen to trust us with your surgical eye care, and we take that responsibility very seriously. Our goal is to provide you the best surgical experience possible.

Your first encounter at our office will include a comprehensive evaluation by your surgeon. This visit will take approximately 2 hours. Please note that this visit is not for the surgery itself, but rather to thoroughly examine your eyes and perform the necessary testing for cataract surgery. Your eyes will be dilated at this visit, so it would be best to arrange for a driver to your appointment. In addition to an examination, you will have a detailed discussion with your surgeon and the surgical counselor regarding the necessary preparations for surgery, related appointments and recovery expectations. We encourage family members to participate in this dialog since there is a great deal of important information to collect and convey.

Please make every effort to keep your appointed date and time. Our team reserves an extended amount of time for your specific visit. If for any reason you are unable to keep this appointment, please notify us at least 48 hours in advance so that another patient can access the care they need. There is frequently a 6 to 12 week waiting list for these special appointments.

The measurements taken at your visit are critical to the success of your surgery. If you are a contact lens wearer, it is best to avoid contact lens use for two full weeks prior to this appointment. This allows the shape of your cornea, the clear window on the front of your eye, to normalize since contact lenses often cause corneal distortion. If you wear contact lenses for astigmatism or hard contact lenses, please call our office at least four weeks prior to your appointment, if possible, for specific instructions.

Dry eye and tear film abnormalities are extremely common in the United States and can negatively affect the results of cataract surgery. We therefore ask that you begin artificial tears starting two weeks before your appointment. Please apply one drop three times daily to each eye (spread throughout the day). This will maximize the accuracy of the keratometric and topographic measurements taken at your visit.

This is an exciting time to have cataract surgery! There are surgical options available to reduce long-term dependence on glasses or contact lenses. Please visit our website to learn more about these cutting-edge options.

We look forward to meeting you and serving you. Thank you again for your trust!


The Eye Doctors of Lancaster family