Dr. Melissa Smith, OD


Dr. Melissa Smith graduated Magna Cum Laude from Florida State University in 2011 and completed her optometric education at Nova Southeastern University in 2015.

Following graduation, she completed her residency at the Baltimore VA Hospital, which is one of the largest optometric residency programs in the country. The focus of her hospital-based training was ocular disease, with a strong emphasis in glaucoma.

Following her residency, Dr. Smith worked with a local glaucoma specialist, Dr. Alan Robin, for nearly three years, which afforded her a unique opportunity to further expand her clinical knowledge. In 2017, she earned her Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry (FAAO), an exclusive organization for those demonstrating academic and clinical excellence.

Dr. Smith will be joining our team in April 2021. She provides comprehensive eye care and performs all types of exams. When she is not working, she enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband.


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