Eye Doctors Of Lancaster has resided at 140 North Pointe Blvd for almost twenty years.  After much discussion regarding remodeling, upgrades, fresh décor, the partners, Dr. Ted Jones and Dr. Steve Donnelly, decided it was time to add a fresh presence of Eye Doctors of Lancaster to the Lancaster area.

Partnering with Sable Realty, Keystone Custom Homes, Speedwell Construction and Cornerstone Architects a concept was born.  It was decided to move the medical practice to Worthington at 485 Royer Drive, Lancaster.  The doctors wanted a fresh space, modeling an area so that the Electronic Health Record was a part of the exam and not an outside factor.  They disliked having their backs to patients, they wanted to be able to show the monitor to the patients and educate patients utilizing the photos of the eye that are usually taken at the time of the exam.  They wanted the doctor patient relationship to be a team.

Each step of the design of the new office space was completed with the patient in mind.  The doctors wanted the patients to feel that the space was designed with the patient as a focus.

The office will have USB port charging stations so that patients along with their friends and relatives may bring their ipads, phones and other electronic devices and may charge as they are awaiting their appointments.  The office will have a guest network so that patients, guests and visitors can sign onto their electronic devices.  The office will have a feeling like being at home with a fireplace and a TV.

An optical shop will be included so that frames can be selected at the time of visit.

The flow of the office was designed with the patient in mind.

We are anticipating the opening of our new location in October of 2016.  Updates will be posted regularly.  We are very excited about welcoming new faces into our practice and we are eager and enthusiastic about welcoming our established patients into our new home.  We are happy to be included in the village model of Worthington.  We are excited about being a part of the neighborhood.